Scripts Font 1 (A-M)


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Standard size sheet: 3.5”x 4.7”

**All Scripts are printed on premium matte or clear paper **

Amount per sheet will vary depending on the length of the word

Font 2 is all uppercase 

Fonts 3& 4 are typed in lowercase 

Sticker height will vary but will have a MAX height of .2in and the width will vary depending on the length of the word(s)

** These scripts are SMALL and are made to fit the width of a standard full size box & the height of a standard header box (if your looking for anything else please message us) Please note: longer words/Phrase will not fit the width of a standard box (1.5in) 

Our scripts are designed to mimic actual handwriting size

Font : JenPlans

For longer words please note if you would like to stay within the 1.5in max or keep our standard font size

All stickers are printed on premium matte sticker paper

Colors may vary from screen to screen

All Art/ Doodles are owned by StickyPerks and may not be copied or reproduced